5 Great Ways to Serve Blueberries

When summer rolls around, everyone knows it’s blueberry season. These juicy little berries are the perfect complement to desserts, muffins, pastries, and salads–or if you’d prefer, you can simply eat them raw, right from the basket. Whether it’s blueberry muffins for breakfast or a fresh fruit salad for lunch, blueberries instantly make every dish sweet and refreshing. And they’re a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and other minerals. Want to add more blueberries to your diet? Here’s some of the best ways to serve blueberries in your own home.

1. Blueberry Pie

A classic American dessert, blueberry pie is a hot, savory dish that oozes juicy fruit filling from every slice. Blueberry pie is one of the easiest pies to make, because there’s no peeling, slicing, or pitting involved–simply toss whole blueberries into your mix. Fresh blueberry pie is the perfect ending to a dinner party on a warm summer evening. And it’s a great way to get a serving of fruit along with your dessert.

2. Blueberry Cheesecake

Less classic but still well-known, blueberry cheesecake is a popular take on the creamy, custardy dish. Sprinkle fresh blueberries over a cheesecake as a tasty garnish, or mix blueberries into the batter to get the juicy taste of blueberries with every bite. You can also crush blueberries and blend them into a rich, velvety sauce that melts over the cake like hot fudge. It’s a great way to add a savory touch to an otherwise cold, pudding-like dish.

3. Blueberry Muffins

Is breakfast really complete without blueberry muffins? Hot, moist, and chewy, with just a touch of sweetness, blueberry muffins give you the energy you need to start off your day. The blueberries seem to practically melt into the batter as it cooks, making those familiar blue-and-purple splotches that are full of juicy flavor. Hot, warm, or cold, blueberries can truly adapt to any dish and make it even more scrumptious than before.

4. Blueberry Jam

For a sweet, flavorful spread that you can enjoy with just about any type of bread or pastry, try making homemade blueberry jam with your family. Blueberry jam takes the cool, refreshing taste of blueberries and compresses it into a spread that’s darker, richer, and somehow even fruitier than before. You’ll love the taste of fresh blueberry jam on hot cornbread, sweet pastries, or slices of whole wheat bread. And you can store blueberry preserves in your cupboard to enjoy all year ’round.

5. Fruit Salad

If you’re in the middle of a hot summer day and don’t feel like using the stove, a fruit salad is a cool, refreshing meal that you can throw together in a few minutes using fresh fruit from your fridge. Add whatever you have in stock–strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, pineapple chunks. And blueberries add the perfect touch to an already scrumptious salad. Not only are they delicious, they add hints of dark blue to your reds and greens, making them ideal for parties and potlucks.

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